Since opening our doors in 1990, CIRC has operated around a philosophy of implementing and maintaining a proactive approach to keeping your IT systems up and running. Our clients stay online because we anticipate and adapt to emerging technologies and ensure they take advantage of the latest IT software and hardware.
At CIRC, we pride ourselves on being Edmonton’s choice for full-service IT solutions. We operate with the understanding that the world of IT is in a continuous state of evolution. This got us to thinking: Why shouldn’t our website be as cutting-edge as the IT services we offer?

CIRC implements ahead-of-the-curve IT solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies to work within your budget and provide services that strategically align with your business objectives, and we hope that our new website reflects that.

As IT experts, we’ll be the first to tell you that system performance decreases as components degrade or become obsolete. With that in mind, please take this opportunity to check out our new website while it’s still sleek, new, and ahead of the curve!

If you’re looking to achieve IT solutions that are as flexible and intuitive as your business and guarantee that your data systems are protected and secure, contact us today! We’re like a full-service, in-house IT team at a fraction of the cost!

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