Complete e-mail security and access – without the management burdens & cost.

Thousands of messages pass through a typical company’s servers each day. To say email is paramount to the success of the modern business is an understatement; yet, according to a Microsoft security report, 97% of emails are unwanted by the recipient. While spam is often filtered, malware, fraud, and attacks put pressure on business to protect their employees, IT infrastructure, and intellectual property.

Your business relies on email and what business doesn’t? Yet, in times of economic uncertainty, ensuring security through managing an endless stream of emails is a monumental task that diverts resources. As a result, many are pressured to cut IT budgets resulting in overburdened staff and vulnerable networks. Thankfully, CIRCadian Anti-spam solutions give you complete control over e-mail security and availability while eliminating the time, complexity, and expense of managing your own onsite solutions.

Anti Spam features:

  • Manage your complete email environment with up-to-the-minute security continuity and compliances
  • Complete email security with continuous access and functionality without the management burdens or costs
  • Blocks spam and malware and prevents unwanted email from entering your corporate network
  • Protects your users, IT infrastructure, and intellectual property
  • Blocks inbound threats before they can affect your network, employees, or business operations
  • Grants full access to current and historical email records for documentation and accountability purposes and complies with company, industry, and government regulations
  • Blocks outbound emails containing sensitive propriety information, inappropriate content, and malware to protects your customers, vendors, collaborators, and business
  • Keeps the business value of email while eliminating the junk

Email is paramount to the success of your business. To learn more about how CIRCadian Anti-Spam can protect you and your business, contact us today.

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