Cloud Storage

The majority of businesses now operate at least one of their primary functions or information systems through cloud technology. Cloud Services are innovative because they allow individuals to manage their business through off-site infrastructure. This allows pre-authorized users and devices to connect to private networks and work away from the office.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Don’t fit your business to information systems – fit information systems to your business

CIRC understands that the complexity of organizations and their processes varies extensively due to unique business goals and challenges. In response, we work with you to analyze workflow and determine an optimal balance of cloud and on-premises solutions that delivers cost-effective tools specific to your needs.

Hybrid cloud solutions build upon your existing physical networks through Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) solutions that allow for effortless communication and collaboration between the two mediums. CIRC will optimize your cloud services with your physical hardware to ensure that your needs are met.

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